Diploma in Animation and Visual Effects (VFX)

( Duration : 24 Months )

The 24 month Advanced Visual Effects Compositing Diploma at Yellow Tree’s Visual Effects is an accelerated program covering television and feature film quality visual effects production, with a primary focus on Compositing.

What is Animation and Visual Effects (VFX) :

Animation involves creating a 2D or 3D moving animations using various animation tools.

VFX is creation of imagery outside of context of live action in film making. It involves combining of Live active footage with digital effects , optical effects to create live looking creatures and real world like objects.

VFX using CGI is the latest trend which has become very famous in movies in recent years.

What Does an Animator / Visual Effects creator do ?

An 2d or 3D animator creates animations using various 2d and 3d images to create a smooth flowing animation.

VFX designers work on Special effects in post production like artificial lighting in movies and advertisements.

In this course you will learn,

How to make short films ?

How to make 3d animated movies?

How to make live action vfx movies?

           This course will cover complete maya

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Animation & VFX  Course Modules

  • Basic drawing and sketching
  • Photoshop
  • Introduction to maya 3d
  • Modeling and texturing
  • Shading, lighting and rendering
  • Rigging and animation
  • Particle systems
  • Rigidbody,softbody simulations
  • cloth simulation
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Grooming and Hair simulation
  • Compositing
  • Matchmoving and roto
  • Editing

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